InConversation Videos

by Global Risk Leadership

Virtual Cyber & Risk Summit on Demand

View summit content On-Demand as we discuss the current
and future state of cybersecurity in today's hyper-digital environment.

  • The Current State of Disruption in Fraud and Cybersecurity

    Speakers: Dr. Jessica Barker, Co-Founder and co-CEO of Cygenta; Sherri Davidoff, Co-founder of LMG Security; Bob Carver, Principal Cybersecurity Threat Intelligence and Analytics at Verizon; Moderator: Ryan Patel, Board Member for the Drucker School of Management

  • Businesses Under Siege: The Latest Fraud Trends & Impacts

    Speakers: Don MzcNelly, Vice President, Fraud Risk & Payments, Western Union; Carolina Reddy, Head: Fraud Risk Management, Personal & Business Banking, Standard Bank of South Africa; Kurt Schaeffer, EVP, Operations, Global Payments Inc.; Moderator: Claire Le Gal, SVP, Fraud Intelligence & Strategy

  • Revolutionizing Fraud Detection: Connected Intelligence Meets CARTA

    Speakers: Johan Gerber, EVP, Cyber & Security Products; Akif Khan, Ph.D., Senior Director, Gartner Research

  • Protecting Trust across New Frontiers: Expanding Ecosystem Security for Small Businesses

    Speakers: Sandy Condellire, SVP, Security & Decision Products; Jess Turner, EVP, North America Products & Innovation; Moderator: Johan Gerber, EVP, Security & Cyber Innovation Solutions

  • Connected Intelligence in Practice: Bridging Authorization and Authentication

    Speakers: Seckin Yilgoren, SVP, Product Management; Kerry Thomas, Vice President, Product Development; Moderator: Iain Young, SVP, Strategy & Optimization

  • Future of Authentication

    Speakers: Christiaan Brand, Google: Identity & Security; Ashish Jain, Product Management Executive, Identity, Mobility and Analystics, Ebay; Ranjita Iyer, SVP, Identity Solutions; Moderator: Andrew Shikiar, Executive Director & CMO Fido Alliance

  • Harnessing the Power of AI

    Speakers: Sudhir Jha, Head of Brighterion; Nitendra Rajput, VP, Product Development; Moderator: Karen Webster, CEO, Market Platform Dynamics

  • Combating Economic Crime: Uncovering Fraud and Money Laundering

    Speaker: David Rich, EVP, Mastercard Economic Crime Solutions

  • Oxford Cyber Futures

    Speakers: David Shrier, Programme Director, Oxford Cyber Futures; Paul Trueman, SVP, Product Advancement

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