Past Webinars

Smart Interface: Reduce False Declines & Stop CNP Fraud with EMV 3DS and Behavioral Biometrics

With $303 billion lost to false declines in 2017, merchants need solutions that reduce customer friction and false declines. By providing industry-leading behavioral technology, Mastercard is innovating the payment ecosystem to offer a streamlined experience to merchants and customers with the Smart Interface.

EMV 3-D Secure: How to Participate in EMV 3-D Secure & Increase Your CNP Approvals

With billions in annual losses from card-not-present fraud, EMV 3-D Secure has been designed to combat fraudulent transactions while safely increasing approval rates and reducing false declines.

PSD2: All You Need to Know About PSD2

With Europe’s Payment Services Directive (PSD2) regulation, it is important for merchants, issuers and payment service providers to understand the requirements and exemptions of this new compliance protocol. Also, learn how EMV 3D-Secure authentication can be utilized by the payment ecosystem to comply with this new regulation.

Artificial Intelligence: Being AI Ready & Capitalizing on Your Organization’s Data

In our increasingly connected world, data has become ubiquitous with over 2.2 billion gigabytes of data produced everyday globally. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has risen to the forefront of technology as a powerful enabler for organizations to make the most of their data.

Authentication Guide for Europe v1.1

Join this webinar for a deep dive into the rule changes and new data elements for eCommerce transactions.

Update on the Merchant Whitelisting – How to implement a Mastercard Solution

Strong Customer Authentication EMV 3DS 2.1.0 User Experience Recommendations

This webinar will discuss Mastercard’s recommendations for optimal user experience with Card Not Present transactions in an EMV 3DS 2.1.0 protocol

Get Intimate with Your Fraud: Understand Fraud Trends to Block Your 2019 Attacks

Mastercard Identity Check Insights (i.e., Data Only): Increase Approvals with No Cardholder Friction Through EMV 3DS

Mastercard Merchant Forum

Mastercard’s Merchant Risk Forum – A webinar exploring trust, collaboration & the consumer journey.