Systems of Cyber Resilience: Secure and Trusted Fintech

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Systems of Cyber Resilience: Secure and Trusted Fintech

The World Economic Forum’s FinTech Cybersecurity Consortium released recommendations for a common, global, security framework for fintechs.

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Building Trust in a Digital World

Recognizing the need for a globally interoperable service that seamlessly and securely connects every party, Mastercard has introduced its digital identity service – ID. ID will enable people to quickly verify their identity in every interaction, anywhere in the world. To learn how ID gives individuals more control and privacy – we present this new white paper. 

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Mastercard’s Connected Intelligence Approach

Security isn’t just about safeguarding transactions anymore. It’s essential in securing the user experience across the entire journey. Mastercard Connected Intelligence links insights across every point of interaction to progressively build intelligence. By leveraging rich data sources and machine learning this end-to-end approach identifies legitimate fraud and false positives that cost businesses billions each year.

Connected Intelligence represents a ground-breaking application of Gartner’s CARTA principles in action. Download the report to see how to transform the way to think about security across every industry.

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Restoring Trust in a Digital World

Mastercard describes its principles-based model for digital identity in a hyper-connected world. Access to a digital identity will unlock new and enhanced experiences for people as they interact with businesses, service providers and their communities online, introducing a more efficient online shopping experience, a more seamless process for opening a bank account or filing taxes, and streamlining use of e-mail, social media and entertainment platforms.

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Innovation and Security: Two Sides of the Digital Coin

Business is a race to innovate, improve and get to market. It’s competitive, fast-paced and there are always new entrants to watch out for. But this report gives pause for thought. Commissioned by Mastercard with Innovation Leader, it highlights a serious disconnect in many organizations between innovation and security. In technology, innovation is giving us ever smarter devices, for example, but dumb security is often tagged on as an afterthought. That’s a worry when the enemies of security – hackers, fraudsters, cybercriminals – are increasingly innovative.

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Artificial Intelligence

Our strategy of collaborative artificial intelligence is designed to quickly and accurately uncover the relationships necessary to build trust and enable successful payment experiences in an expanding and complex environment. Mastercard’s collaborative artificial intelligence is a capability we’ve built into our network, which allows a coordinated set of AI-based services to act within milliseconds, for millions of transactions a day, to facilitate intelligent security decisions that help our customers reduce fraud losses and improve their profitability.

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Staying Safe Online

Staying safe online for small businesses isn’t complex or expensive, and by following some simple tips you can greatly reduce your risk of online fraud and compromise.

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Digital Evolution Index 2017

We’re in the age of digital advancement. Countries across the world are developing their digital economy and integrating connectivity into the lives of billions. But who are the digital elites? Which countries are evolving at the fastest rate and which economies are slowing down? Find out in the Digital Evolution Index 2017, a new piece of research by Mastercard and the Fletcher School at Tufts University, as well as a video summary.

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Guidelines for Deploying Mobile Biometrics in Financial Services

Users and banks alike are convinced that we need to move beyond passwords and on to biometrics for authentication. But what do industry captains need to know in order to understand and successfully deploy mobile-based biometric solutions? Find out in the Five Factor Framework a new piece of research by Mastercard and the Department of Computer Science of the University of Oxford, or watch the recorded webinar by Opus Research.

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Securing the Evolving Payments World

Technology is changing many aspects of all our lives and is now becoming a game changer in payments. In this report, journalists address critical areas of change globally, gaining insights from Mastercard Leaders on impacts to the industry, and what they are doing to support our business and our partners to remain ahead.

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