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Artificial Intelligence

Our strategy of collaborative artificial intelligence is designed to quickly and accurately uncover the relationships necessary to build trust and enable successful payment experiences in an expanding and complex environment. Mastercard’s collaborative artificial intelligence is a capability we’ve built into our network, which allows a coordinated set of AI-based services to act within milliseconds, for millions of transactions a day, to facilitate intelligent security decisions that help our customers reduce fraud losses and improve their profitability.

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Automatic Billing Updater

Mastercard Automatic Billing Updater (ABU) enables issuers and acquirers to securely communicate account changes for card-on-file and recurring payments to merchants—increasing approvals of card-not-present transactions and boosting customer satisfaction while reducing customer service demand.

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Biometric Card

Mastercard Biometric Card is an innovative, payment card technology that provides a secure and easy way for a cardholder to pay at the point-of-sale (POS)— replacing PIN/Signature authentication with fingerprint.

  • Provides an additional layer of security that is a simple alternative to PIN or signature
  • Works with existing EMV chip enabled POS terminals—no need for hardware/software upgrade
  • Provides biometric data for every transaction
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Biometric Card Government Case Study

This presentation highlights how Mastercard’s Biometric Card can provide a simple and secure way for recipients or pensioners to verify their identity when they use their card for in-person transactions.

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Brighterion AI Solutions

Businesses need AI to provide them with smarter, faster and easier ways of leveraging, understanding and monetizing data—resulting in better decisioning, positive consumer experiences and improved revenue.

AI provides organizations with the ability to…

  • Efficiently process large amounts of data – recognizing patterns
  • Make accurate future predictions – via continually learning each experience
  • Become an ‘expert system’ at speeds faster than humanly possible
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CAST Approval for Mobile Payment Applications

The CAST (Compliance Assessment & Security Testing) process for Mobile Payment Applications has been improved to take advantage of the online nature of mobile devices and their capability for post issuance download of applications into Secure Elements. This differs slightly to the CAST model for traditional smartcards. It is the intention of this white paper to explain the differences and the new process impact.

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Consumer Controls

Mastercard Consumer Controls provide financial institutions with account management tools that they can offer to their consumers—including popular personalized real-time alerts and controls that help to increase consumer engagement and usage.

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Decision Intelligence

Mastercard Decision Intelligence is a real-time authorization decisioning solution that applies thousands of data points and sophisticated modeling techniques to each transaction, simplifying these insights into a single transaction decision score that helps issuers fine-tune their authorization decisions in order to approve more genuine transactions without increasing risk.

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EMV Liability Chart

As more consumers become aware of EMV technology and look to adopt chip cards for greater security, how can issuers help cardholders successfully transition to new behaviors at the point of sale? Providing clear guidance on the benefits of a chip card and how to use it is key to turning awareness into chip transactions.

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Fraud Dashboard

The Mastercard Fraud Dashboard is a solution that gives acquirers and merchants insight into their operational and fraud-related statistics. It provides daily trending in addition to transaction details regarding authorization declines, chargebacks and fraudulent transactions.

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Identity Check Mobile

Mastercard Identity Check Mobile is an app-based authentication solution that enables cardholders to choose and use biometric identifiers, such as fingerprint or facial recognition to verify their identity through their mobile device for shopping and banking activities.

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Mastercard AML Net

Mastercard AML Net helps organizations meet anti-money laundering (AML) compliance and regulatory requirements including:

  • AML Monitoring of suspicious behaviors in transactions
  • AML Watch List Screening against published regulated sanctions lists
  • AML Case Management of case loads and alerts via an integrated, web-enabled workflow


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Mastercard EMV Chip Technology

Mastercard, in consultation with merchants, issuers, acquirers and processors, has developed a road map focused on advancing the U.S. electronic payments system, while providing each customer the flexibility to manage technology implementation that advances their business goals.

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Mastercard Safety Net

Mastercard Safety Net provides an external layer of defense – independent from issuer and processor systems – with selective online authorization controls that block transactions based on multiple criteria. It protects Mastercard issuers and processors from the damage that can result from large-scale fraud events.

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Mastercard Threat Scan

As fraud behaviors evolve, issuer authorization networks are continually at risk of exploitation. Mastercard Threat Scan assesses issuer production authorization networks for vulnerabilities that can expose them to criminal attacks, providing network insights that can help them mitigate fraud losses with a proactive approach.

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MasterCom is a set of solutions that helps issuers efficiently and cost-effectively manage and resolve disputes. Issuers can choose from three options, based on which best suit their needs:

  • MasterCom Hosted (for low dispute volume)
  • MasterCom Pro (for mid to high dispute volume)
  • Image Interface Pro (for high level dispute volume)
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As part of Mastercard’s layered approach to payment security, NuDetect provides issuers and merchants a solution to help address potential cyber and device-specific threats. This solution delivers unparalleled ‘good’ user verification with accuracy by encompassing aggregated behavioral intelligence, analysis of integrated technology and continuous real-time fraud prevention.

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