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Biometric Card

Biometric Card – provides a simple and secure way for cardholders to verify their identity for in-store purchases – replacing PIN/Signature authentication with fingerprint.

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Decision Intelligence

Mastercard Decision Intelligence is a real-time authorization decisioning solution that applies thousands of data points and sophisticated modeling techniques to each transaction, simplifying these insights into a single transaction decision score that helps issuers fine-tune their authorization decisions in order to approve more genuine transactions without increasing risk.

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Consumer Controls

Consumer Controls – provides financial institutions with account management tools that they can offer to their consumers—including popular personalized real-time alerts and controls that help to increase consumer engagement and usage.

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Fraud Dashboard

The Mastercard Fraud Dashboard is a solution that gives acquirers and merchants insight into their operational and fraud-related statistics. It provides daily trending in addition to transaction details regarding authorization declines, chargebacks and fraudulent transactions.

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Automatic Billing Updater

Mastercard Automatic Billing Updater (ABU) enables issuers and acquirers to securely communicate account changes for card-on-file and recurring payments to merchants—increasing approvals of card-not-present transactions and boosting customer satisfaction while reducing customer service demand.

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Identity Check

Optimizes authentication to ensure simple and secure digital payments – reducing fraud, false declines, and unnecessary friction. It includes plug-and-play mobile biometrics that enables cardholders to choose and use biometric identifiers, such as fingerprint, voice or facial recognition to verify their identity through their mobile device for shopping and banking activities.

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Safety Net

Safety Net helps protect issuers and acquirers from large-scale fraud events by providing network-level monitoring on a global scale to help identify the occurrence of widespread fraud attacks when the customer (or their processor) may be unable to detect or defend against them.

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NuDetect by NuData Security, a Mastercard® company uses behavioral analytics and passive biometrics to identify good (digital) users in real-time with confidence, without adding friction—assessing hundreds of device, location, passive biometric and behavioral signals against past user behavior and known behaviors.

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Threat Scan

Mastercard Threat Scan assesses issuer production authorization networks for vulnerabilities to fraud by emulating known criminal transaction behavior. It evaluates issuer host network functionality and configurations against a number of actual and theoretical vulnerabilities to highlight potential points of exploitation for issuers.

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Mastercard AML Net helps organizations better comply with ever-changing global regulatory demands by providing advanced sanctions screening algorithms, integrated case management and monitoring via artificial intelligence-based models and custom rules. 

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Mastercom Claims Manager

Mastercom streamlines end-to-end dispute resolution, tracking all activity associated with a dispute within a single claim via Claims Manager. Collaboration bridges communication between merchants and issuers, enabling them to resolve disputes before they become chargebacks.

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Mastercard ID Theft Protection

Mastercard ID Theft Protection provides proactive monitoring and resolution of identity theft threats, saving consumers’ time, inconvenience and expense.

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Ethoca Alerts

Ethoca Alerts is an award-winning solution that provides merchants with direct-from-source issuer data that reduces the time it takes for them to be alerted of fraud and customer disputes from the current three to six weeks to as little as a few minutes. This gives them a unique window of opportunity to stop the fulfillment of goods and services, resolve the dispute with the customer and eliminate the need for chargebacks.

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Ethoca Eliminator

Ethoca Eliminator is a groundbreaking friendly fraud and chargeback mitigation solution that provides issuers and their cardholders with instant access to real time, in-depth merchant intelligence. This includes itemized digital receipts, account history, summary of merchant actions (digital account suspension, etc.), refund status and more.

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