Efficient Chargeback Processing Workshop

Efficient Chargeback Processing Workshop

August 27 - 28, 2019 - New York, NY


Global Risk Leadership workshops provide best-in-class knowledge and expertise to customers to enhance their risk management capabilities. Mastercard has created a comprehensive curriculum for those seeking to increase their skills and knowledge of fraud and risk mitigation.




Course Description

Provides the reasoning behind chargeback rules and procedures. Gives guidance and hands-on practice in making accurate decisions on even the most problematic disputes. This two-day course covers chargeback reason codes and related issues, as well as identifying some new or upcoming changes to the chargeback rules. Case studies are also used to illustrate chargeback situations in a practical context and specific chargeback processing requirements are reviewed in detail. The course is designed for chargeback analysts with at least six months of experience.



This training is focused towards chargeback specialists, chargeback managers, and customer service representatives with cardholder or merchant responsibility, or both. This seminar is not open to merchants or cardholders.  Must be a Mastercard customer with a billable ICA.


All presentations will be delivered in English.

Dress Code

Business casual is appropriate for all course sessions.