The Principles of Fraud Management for Issuers

The Principles of Fraud Management for Issuers

October 10 - 11, 2017 - Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic


Global Risk Leadership workshops provide best-in-class knowledge and expertise to customers to enhance their risk management capabilities. Mastercard has created a comprehensive curriculum for those seeking to increase their skills and knowledge of fraud and risk mitigation.




Course Description This two-day course provides an advanced analysis of risk management from the perspective of the issuer and acquirer. The course is designed to complement your compliance and loss control initiatives, as well as fraud prevention and fraud management techniques.  Throughout the course potential points of vulnerability will be identified and best practice solutions will be outlined. A strong emphasis will be placed on risk concepts and methodologies as well as the development of fraud management strategies to create a coherent fraud and risk management framework.

Audience Security & Fraud Control Managers, Card Fraud Investigators, Analysts, Investigators & Fraud Control Operatives.

Language All presentations will be delivered in Spanish.

Dress Code Business casual is appropriate for all course sessions.


  • Card application process including application fraud
  • Alignment of fraud and credit risk strategies
  • Authorization function, process and performance
  • Implementation strategy with regard to EMV Chip/PIN, Mastercard SecureCode, and PayPass technologies
  • Business of fraud detection – challenging role of the fraud detection department
  • Fraud detection performance and effectiveness
  • Managing fraud in a chip world
  • Mastercard risk prediction strategy


  • Evaluate business risks and understand how to set up a risk management structure
  • Analyze the risks in all stages of issuer operations
  • Identify and justify preventative measures to limit exposure to risk
  • Select and justify appropriate tools and techniques for effective workplace communications
  • Evaluate the role of fraud management in a cross-functional, risk management context